Movie Night: Annabelle


The other night I finally got around to watching Annabelle. I read about the real Annabelle doll years ago so I was excited when the movie came out. I won’t say much about the plot of the movie, except that it is completely different and fictional compared to the true stories of the doll. Still very entertaining.

I read some articles about paranormal happenings on the set of the movie. I always think it’s really interesting when I read stuff like that. The same thing happened with The Conjuring, which is the sequel to Annabelle (even though it came out prior to Annabelle).

Here’s some links to just a couple of those articles if you’re interested:

What I found most interesting is that the doll is blessed twice a month by a priest. I think I read that before, but I’d forgotten. After I watched the movie the other night, I re-read the story for a refresher.

Click here to go to The Warrens website and read Annabelle’s story





Read: Echoes of a Haunting: Revisited


Last night I finished reading Echoes of a Haunting: Revisited by Clara M. Miller.

This is the story of the Hinsdale House aka The Dandy House.

The author, Clara lived in a rural home in the early 70s in Hinsdale, NY that had an overwhelming amount of paranormal activity on the inside as well as the outside. I have no idea what took me so long in familiarizing myself with this case. Now that I’ve read the book, I’ve researched other avenues via Internet, too. I have read articles, watched videos, looked at Facebook pages…everything.


There’s only been two books written about the property. Of course, the aforementioned…and the other being You Know They’re Here by Paul J. Kenyon, who is a friend of Clara and her family and was present for much of the occurrences.

What I find so thrilling, is that there is still a lot of activity going on there today. Usually, when I read about haunted locations they either (a) not haunted anymore or (b) the activity isn’t really worth putting much thought into.

At the end of Clara’s book, she says that ideally she would love for the house to be used as a Paranormal research facility. Well, it seems to be that dream is coming true! The house has a Facebook page where you can arrange to go to the house and investigate it yourself! They have tons of events going on all of the time. It was bought by CON-TACT Paranormal to save it from being demolished. They have been working on renovations and restoring it to it’s original element. Also, they’ve been hard at work on a highly anticipated documentary, “The Hinsdale Event”, which should be ready this winter!

Check out: The Haunted Hinsdale House Facebook Page


Awesome Show Alert: The Haunting Of…


The Haunting Of… is an original series on the Bio. Channel. It features world-renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo as she gives an exclusive look at celebrities who have had their lives changed by paranormal events.

Each one-hour episode of The Haunting Of… features a celebrities’ real life encounter with the paranormal as they return to the site of their traumatic experience. Usually through the duration of the program, loved ones from the celeb’s life come through to chat.

I really enjoy watching this show, and it’s crazy how spot-on Kim is! Looking at the website right now, I see that my DVR may have missed recording a few episodes! (It is on television on Saturday nights at 10pm.)

Looks like you can watch them online though…..whew!


Paranormal Activity 3

Last night I finally watched Paranormal Activity 3. I think it might’ve been the creepiest of them all. If you’ve seen all 3 of the movies, you really should check out this article for a little refresher on all 3 of them as well as some explanations. I know I had a hard time remembering all the details from the previous 2 movies, so this article helped a lot. Plus, it’s really cool to kind of realize how things all tie in.

Article: Paranormal Activity 3 Ending Explained

Also, check out the really cool trailer for the movie. But, be warned: some of the scenes in this trailer didn’t actually make it to the final cut of the movie. The article I mentioned above talks a little bit about that, too.


Event: The Paranormal State of the Union Address

When: Sunday – October 16, 2011

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Meet others interested in the same subject, learn and have fun!

Haunted Objects with John Zaffis

Did you know there’s a correlation between a baptism and an exorcism? Also, our country took the longest to “embrace” talking about the paranormal. Up until recent years, it had been a forbidden or “not to be talked about” topic. Watch this video for more knowledge and see why you should be careful when out thrift shopping!

This video is from the 30 Odd Minutes series by Jeff Belanger. This episode is their 50th, and the guest is world-renowned demonologist, John Zaffis (who we learn loves ghost boxes!).

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My Amityville Horror Film

The Amityville Horror House today

Image by Rafakoy via Flickr

I know some people are mesmerized by the whole Amityville story while others couldn’t care any less. But, I like to post interesting things about it when I come across them just because Amityville is the very thing that started my lifelong interest in the paranormal. Hoax or not, I don’t know that we’ll ever know; but the story has captivated our entire nation. Not many supernatural stories have done that.

So, I am extremely excited to announce a new film in the works. My Amityville Horror is a whole new view to the story coming from the oldest son, Daniel Lutz. Being only 10 at the time of his 28 day stay on Ocean Ave., he’s stayed away from the media and telling his story until now.

My Amityville Horror will include a personal look at Lutz’s own life; a first-hand account of the terrifying events that occurred to his entire family; his reflections on how his parents dealt with the exposure and the media-frenzy that befell them; and, how both experiences have affected his life since.

An independent team of investigators and filmmakers have joined together to present the first accurate portrayal of the Amityville events to date.  Both witness testimonies and rare archival footage will be presented to bring Daniel’s story to life.  This will include a chilling, real-life depiction of the Amityville haunting as it has never been presented before, incident by incident, following Daniel through his childhood and onward.

Five years ago, the Lutz’s other son, Christopher (who changed his last name to Quaratino to escape the public) came forward with a few comments regarding his old home.

From the original article at

Now 37 and living in Scottsdale, Ariz., Quaratino maintains the haunting was not a hoax. But he insists his stepfather at the time, George Lutz, brought the troubles on himself by dabbling in the occult and then amplified what paranormal incidents did occur to profit off books and movies about the house.

It’s a wonder that there hasn’t been more information found out about George Lutz’s involvement with the occult. Of course that is a very big clue (and red flag) for things to have happened to him and his family.

Watch the trailer for the film: