Spiritual Thoughts


The following are all questions that I have been mulling over in my head for quite some time. I went to a spirit fair a couple weeks ago and I did ask a few of these questions to the intuitives I met with. I am always going to have a lot of questions, but at least I have a little bit of insight now. 

Will I ever feel some sort of connection and positive reinforcement that I am moving forward in my spiritual journey?

It’s hard to make a “dent” but anything that you do while working spiritually is a step forward. 

How do I know what avenues of spirituality to pursue?

I asked about this and I was told to keep studying everything! 

How do I find the time to keep learning everything I want to learn about?

It’s funny, because one of the intuitives told me that half of the things I research is because of my intuition drawing me towards it; and the other half is plain sheer curiosity. Which is completely true for me! When I am learning about anything, I always get distracted. I’ll see something and then go off on a tangent, like, “ooooh what does THAT mean?” Or, “what’s THAT all about?” and before I know it, two hours has passed! But, the answer to this is pretty easy. I will have the time to learn about what is most important and what I am supposed to learn about. Once I get more practice at acknowledging my intuition, I will know what to focus on better, etc. 

Will I ever write another book?

I didn’t ask this exact question per se, but I did mention that I write. The intuitive told me that she sees me writing a book someday that will help others. I will share my experiences and things that I have learned through my spiritual journey and share them to help other people. 

I don’t really put too much pressure on myself wondering if I will write another book. Well, maybe that’s not true. Either way, I have come to trust that if I should, I will. It is not something that I have time or energy to force. Obviously, I do hope to. I wish I could put more time into making it happen — but just when I think things might slow down and I can get into the swing of it — something else happens. Life is funny that way, though. Which is why I now trust if it’s meant to happen, that it will. Some days it is harder to just “trust,” but I continue to work on that, as well. 


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