Greg Holden – “Hold On Tight”

I posted about this on my music blog, but I really wanted to share it here, too.

This song is by Greg Holden and it’s about how you shouldn’t take things for granted.

The video is great with its “pay-it-forward” theme, showing how one small random act of kindness can spark another; as it follows a chain reaction of events beginning with Holden helping up a woman who has fallen on the sidewalk. The video’s theme resonates perfectly with #RAK15’s International Random Acts of Kindness Day 2015, which took place yesterday. On Monday, Brent Lindeque (the founder of the RAK movement) nominated Holden to perform a random act of kindness and share it to his social media with the hashtag RAK15. Holden did so and in turn has encouraged his followers to take part and post their videos online. In addition, BuzzFeed has published a list of ways people can get involved in the global #RAK15 initiative. For more, visit


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