More Movies…

Ok. So I DID end up watching more movies the other night. When I turned the TV on, I saw the movie Let Me In was on. I remembered kind of wanting to see that movie and I ended up getting “sucked” in (pun intended) on watching it. Now, I did miss about the first 45 minutes to hour of it, but whatever. Let_Me_In_Poster Owen_Abby_2010 Let Me In  Let Me In is about a little girl vampire and a boy that becomes friends with her. Their interactions are actually really cute despite the fact that she’s an evil bloodsucker. There’s a part where the boy tells her about some kids at school that were bullying him. She tells him, “You have to hit them back, with all of your might.” And he said, “What if that doesn’t work?” And she replied, “Then I will help you.” It was sweet in a weird way, you know? joICnp7G download (6) The Babadook The Babadook could also be a psychological thriller, in my opinion. The little boy in the movie thinks there are monsters around, and it doesn’t help when his mom reads him a book called The Babadook. It makes things worse. The boy is really super annoying and there were a few times I screamed inside my head (and maybe out loud, too). But, that just means that he’s quite a good actor, because he’s supposed to make you annoyed with him.

Here’s a still from the movie of him in one of his most annoying fits:images (1)   After reading what other people posted on the IMDB message boards, I realize that there are a bunch of different ways to interpret the film. Sometimes those are the best kinds, though. Oh, and so in the book in the movie, there’s a page that describes how when the Babadook comes, he says, “Baba dook, dook, dook.” Well, when he does inevitably come, and he does say that….the sound of it’s voice is really odd and disconcerting but laughable at the same time. I think I did chuckle when I heard it. Anyways, that’s all I got. I’m not sure what my next pick will be, but I’m sure I’ll post about it.. 😉 Have a great weekend!


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