Well hello there!!!! Happy New Year!

I know I  haven’t posted in a very long time…and I know that I say that (or if I don’t say it, I’m always thinking it) every time I DO post.

But, here I am again — and my plan HAS been to bring back the spark to this site. That’s been my plan for awhile, but you know how pesky life can be by getting in the way. lol.

And in reigniting this flame, I want to bring other things to the ‘table’ like my pursuits in spirituality. I’m going to talk about all kinds of stuff. When I first started this blog, it was because my book was coming out and I wanted to have a place for people to go and learn about the book and me. But, it’s been years since the book came out and I just don’t have as many things to post about that involves ghosts and the supernatural to be able to post regularly on that topic alone. I mean, I’m sure I could FIND things — and I LOVE finding things — but…it will be much easier and less stressful for me to just post about whatever I feel like. Sometimes it WILL be about the supernatural. But, it will be about a bunch of other stuff, too. Like maybe a recipe I just tried out successfully. Or a book I read. Or a movie I’ve watched. Or things that I’ve been pondering. Or something I learned regarding spirituality.

You probably know that I’m a HUGE music nerd. I live and breathe music. And I have a site totally dedicated to that. That site (along with it’s facebook, etc.) can all be found on the ‘About‘ Page. I probably won’t say too, too much about music on this site just because I already have a million other places I talk about it. 😉

I will also be making changes to the page itself (colors, look, etc.) It’s already changed from what it’s been but I am still not thrilled with it, so when I have time, I’ll be playing around some more with it.

Anyway —— 2015 and beyond!!!!

High fives,



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