Zak Bagans Puts Offer In To Buy House in Indiana

Photo Source: Travel Channel

Photo Source: Travel Channel

Just a few days after The Indianapolis Star put out the story detailing Latoya Ammons and her family’s ordeal in their home in Indiana, her former home was purchased for a mere $35,000.

Who’s buying it? Zak Bagans, the host of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” He said he isn’t sure what he’ll do just yet with the home once the purchase goes through, but it will likely involve research into the purported paranormal activity. He also said, “It’s not entertainment, I really do have a passion for this stuff and the research aspect of this stuff.”

As for Latoya, according to an article at IndyStar, she says:

“I figured that we would get some type of uproar, that I would get uproar from … my hometown, but I never imagined that it would go viral,” said Ammons, who now lives in Indianapolis. “I never knew. I never thought it would do that.”

Ammons said people have shown up at her home, bombarded her Facebook page and falsely claimed they were her friends. She fielded requests for interviews from national media outlets, such as CNN and “The Dr. Oz Show,” as well as movie producers but, so far has only agreed to an interview with “Inside Edition.”

The current tenant of the house just wants her privacy and has declined offers of money and interview requests.


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