Read: Echoes of a Haunting: Revisited


Last night I finished reading Echoes of a Haunting: Revisited by Clara M. Miller.

This is the story of the Hinsdale House aka The Dandy House.

The author, Clara lived in a rural home in the early 70s in Hinsdale, NY that had an overwhelming amount of paranormal activity on the inside as well as the outside. I have no idea what took me so long in familiarizing myself with this case. Now that I’ve read the book, I’ve researched other avenues via Internet, too. I have read articles, watched videos, looked at Facebook pages…everything.


There’s only been two books written about the property. Of course, the aforementioned…and the other being You Know They’re Here by Paul J. Kenyon, who is a friend of Clara and her family and was present for much of the occurrences.

What I find so thrilling, is that there is still a lot of activity going on there today. Usually, when I read about haunted locations they either (a) not haunted anymore or (b) the activity isn’t really worth putting much thought into.

At the end of Clara’s book, she says that ideally she would love for the house to be used as a Paranormal research facility. Well, it seems to be that dream is coming true! The house has a Facebook page where you can arrange to go to the house and investigate it yourself! They have tons of events going on all of the time. It was bought by CON-TACT Paranormal to save it from being demolished. They have been working on renovations and restoring it to it’s original element. Also, they’ve been hard at work on a highly anticipated documentary, “The Hinsdale Event”, which should be ready this winter!

Check out: The Haunted Hinsdale House Facebook Page



2 thoughts on “Read: Echoes of a Haunting: Revisited

  1. My Aunt and Uncle McClure lived and died in the HINDSDALE area. This may be the house they rented or bought would’ve been the late 3’s or 40’s only there a couple days aunt marie was on a ladder hanging wallpaper and her a woman say..I think it was “what are you doing?” she walked out and would never go back in again

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