The Dibbuk Box

I watched the movie “The Possession” a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. My mom called me after this past weekend and told me she watched it, too. She said, “that’s a really disturbing story!” I said, “Yeah, I told you!” I have followed the story of the Dibbuk box long before the movie came out. After watching it, I went back to re-read what I’d found before and to try to learn a little bit more.

Jason Haxton currently owns the box. He created a website to include all of the basic information for curious people to check out, as well as written a book.

In my search of all things dibbuk box, I did find a short excerpt from Unexplained Mysteries where Mr. Haxton explains the whereabouts of the box now:

“I recently buried the box away and am done with it. It is gone to the earth where its energy can and will be pulled from it. This is a common method of the Jewish faith for all powerful – spiritual things – torahs, books on God and amulets. So it is gone. Only a replica used for video-taping exists to show. That’s it.”

Here’s a podcast via PRS Radio of an interview with former Dibbuk Box owner, Kevin Mannis, and current Dibbuk Box owner Jason Haxton from last September.

Jason Haxton mentions that just a few days after the box was buried, an old abandoned well suddenly opened up; appearing in the ground about 20 feet away. It could have easily injured him or his family.

What else that’s really odd is that there’s been reports from people that have watched the movie, listened to the podcasts, read the book, etc. and afterwards they “feel” different. Or strange events occur like computers crashing, light bulbs exploding and cars breaking down. Some even had their homes or cars burn in a fire.

Here’s an interesting video from an interview with Kevin Mannis, one of the original owners of the box.

In an interview for LovetoKnow Paranormal, Mr. Haxton says this about the box’s future:

“Actually, after all these years, I cannot see myself being without it. So it stays with me. And when I die? It might seem odd, but I would like the Dibbuk Box to buried with me and for it to be finally gone from this world. That written, my son, a junior in college, tells me he’s not comfortable with burying the box with me. It is more of a fear that doing this could somehow bring a curse on him. That’s the problem of trusting the living to carry out your desires.”

Currently there’s a Dibbuk box on eBay for sale, again. The owner claims to have purchased it at an estate sale, as well. Take it for what you will.



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