Who WAS That?


I had a weird thing happen yesterday. It was around 3:00 – 3:30 and I was sitting at my desk at my office.

I could hear something outside, so I looked towards the window and saw one of our employees doing something like throwing something in the back of one of our trucks. I barely paid attention.

Then, a few minutes later, he came into the office, got into the key cabinet for a minute, either put back or grabbed a set of keys, then left. I had quickly glanced at him to see who it was that came in the office. I thought about asking him about a job he’d been on earlier that day, but figured I’d just wait. This was a very common thing for the guys to do, so I went back to doing whatever I was doing on the computer without any thought.

Then, about a half hour later, that same employee calls me and says that they are heading back from the job they’re on…which is an hour away. I said, “Wait, you weren’t just in here a half hour ago?” He said, “No, we’ve been down here the whole afternoon.”

I am still trying to figure out what happened. We only have about six employees. Two of them called off work yesterday and weren’t even here. Another two of them were out doing other jobs. The one I thought I saw was with another employee an hour away! None of them look alike for me to have mistaken one for the other.



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