The Black Cat

One night a week or so ago, my husband and I got home and on our way up to the door we saw a black cat sitting there. Richie “shooed” it — we have a lot of outdoor and/or stray cats around the area and he doesn’t like encouraging them to hang out on our stoop. I, however, always feel bad and don’t want to be mean to any animals. I didn’t want the cat to be scared. I said, “It’s okay, kitty,” while we stepped in it’s path. This cat just wouldn’t go away! Granted, I spoke to the cat and said, “It’s okay,” but I didn’t want it to necessarily keep hanging around, I just didn’t want it to be scared. The cat ran around my legs brushing it’s fur against me and wouldn’t go! Richie and I had to do some serious work to get into the house with out this cat coming right in with us!

I forgot all about this until yesterday when I came outside and sat down on a chair on our little porch. I was talking on the phone when all of a sudden I see the black cat from the other night racing down the street and straight up my steps to me! Instantly, he started meowing and brushing up against my legs. I kept talking on the phone but after a few minutes became distracted by the cat. He’d tried to jump up into my lap a couple times and when I stood up and tried to pace back and forth, he was constantly at my feet, meowing and rubbing against my legs. I spent roughly ten minutes trying to “trick” the cat so I could get back into the house.

He isn’t a mangy or stray looking cat. He’s actually cute, has got shiny black hair and seems to be well kept. I haven’t done anything to encourage him to keep coming. It’s quite odd, really. I don’t know what to do though, if this keeps happening. It’s actually really tough to try and get in the house without him at my feet following every move I make. And why is he so attached to me? I’m not even a cat person! I feel bad though, not because I think he needs a home or anything, but because it seems like he just wants me to love him so much and wants to be at my side. It makes me a little bit sad, but I definitely don’t want a cat! (And Richie definitely doesn’t!!! 😉 lol)


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