And now…

I’ve been thinking a lot and feeling bad that I don’t do very much with this site. It’s the black sheep of my endeavors, with my music site (among other things) taking precedence. I’d like to start paying more attention to this red-headed stepchild of a website. SO — you might start seeing more around here, but it won’t all have to do with ghosts. It’ll have to do with me.

I don’t have ghostly happenings happening regularly for me, so I guess maybe that’s why there’s not been much activity here. But, I have lots of other happenings happening for me ALL of the time! Maybe I can share some of that stuff with you. I mean, the top of this page does say “The Going-Ons of the supernatural with author Heather Frazier.” Oh wait, that does imply only supernatural, huh?

Perhaps I’ll change it. Simply to say “The Going-Ons of life and afterlife with author Heather Frazier.” That would include both, right? Something for me to ponder, I suppose.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to. I just got married! It hasn’t even been 2 months! Everyone constantly asks, “How’s married life?” Well, honestly, it’s not too much different. In case you’re wondering, I DID change my name…but I made my maiden name my second middle name so I could still use it in my professional life and people would know it’s still me. As for my pen name, I’m not sure if I’ll just keep it Heather Frazier or Heather Frazier Behling.

But, other than that, the only thing that’s really changed is that we grouped up together on things like our insurances, which is awesome! It’s cheaper and better! YAY!

I will post a few pictures from the wedding for everyone in due time.

My other big news is that I’m going to start working on a new book! I’ve been wanting to, but it’s very hard to find time and have the discipline. Then, for over the last year I was planning a wedding, so that “took the cake,” so to speak. (haha)

It’s hard because I work very hard at my full time job, I try and keep up as much as possible with my music blog and other music media outlets I work with. AND I also write fashion articles for a website called, Making of a Mogul. And of course we can’t forget my husband, family, friends, FUN and such. BUT, as if I never have enough on my plate, I’m adding some more! Wish me luck!


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