WHAAAAAAT?!? Teen Exorcists (UPDATED)

This is absolutely crazy.

Introducing, Brynne, Tess and Savannah, three sisters from Arizona that have been exorcising demons since they began experiencing the demons of puberty. Now aged from 17 to 20, they say they’ve already performed dozens of demonic exorcisms all the way from here in the US of A to Africa. They’ve been in extensive training with Reverend Bob Larsen (who claims to have performed over 15,000 exorcisms) and the three are hoping to make the air waves shiver with the possibility of a new reality show highlighting their spiritual slayer skills. In a recent CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, the girls discussed how they became involved in exorcism (the eldest is the daughter of the aforementioned reverend), what Hollywood has gotten right about the possessed (ohhhh how delightful! It’s their crazy eyes!) and their hope in joining the multitude of paranormal-themed reality television shows that grows in number annually. This reporter seems skeptical considering that they seem to be more interested in selling themselves as opposed to be the humble and loving Christians that they claim to be.

Maybe TV fame will “possess” them and they’ll decide to turn into slutty pop music wannabes who make horrible decisions. One can only hope, huh?

Here is a response from Reverend Bob Larsen on how he feels he was mistreated on the show:

“I just completed an appearance on “The Anderson Cooper TV show,” seen nationally, Wednesday, February 22, 2012. You may read this before or after seeing the appearance.  (To see excerpts of the show, go to:  http://www.andersoncooper.com/episodes/i-am-a-teenage-exorcist-plus-jesse-tyler-ferguson-modern-family/). Of all the national media appearance I have done, this was by far the most hostile. Cooper has a reputation for being a fair journalist, but his treatment of me was far from fair. It was “ambush” journalism at its worst.  Anderson was cynical with his mind made up from the start.”

Read the rest of his response here

What I think…is that it was quite foolish of him and the teenage ladies to go on a talk show to begin with. And these girls, if they are sincere in their wishing to help expel evil — they don’t belong on TV. Especially after I read that they’ve been home schooled their whole lives; this world will eat them up alive and spit them out. TV is the last place they should be focusing their energies.


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