Event: Bellbrook on Lockdown

October 28-30, 2011

Sugar Creek Plaza

6124 Wilmington Pike

Bellbrook, OH 45459

(around 4 hours away from Pittsburgh)

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD ACCESS TO AN ENTIRE TOWN AND IT’S GHOSTS? THE BELLBROOK OFFICIALS will be presenting ParaVizionz with the Deed to the Town of Bellbrook.  SyFy and Spooked TV will be filming – and there will be a first ever LIVE reveal of the search for a lost fortune, as told to us through EVP’s.

Celebrities will be arriving in historical cars driven by macabre chauffeurs.  The stars will also be driven in style to the ghost hunt locations Saturday.

, it’s strongly encouraged for everyone to come in costume or masquerade.  There will be a PRIZE for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Saturday evening, there will be a GIFT BASKET give away, loaded with amazing items and services offered by the celebrity line-up.

Sunday, all are welcomed to bring items of their deceased loved ones and friends who have passed.  The Mourning Tea is celebrated annually in Salem and is a practice to honor the dead.  We sit, and next to us is a seat for the spirit.  An open mic will be for anyone who would like to come up and share a love letter, an old holiday card, a photo, a story or perhaps a song they enjoyed during their life.  The Death & Rebirth ceremony is one to put closure on our pain and suffering.  We release the spirit and treasure their memory by writing their name on paper and burning it.  This is to bring closure and comfort to those who remain behind.

Tickets and more info at www.bellbrookonlockdown.webs.com


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