Pittsburgh’s Zombie Fest!

This Saturday, October 8th is the 5th annual Zombie Fest!!! It runs from noon until 9 pm in Market Square.

Zombie Fest is founded by Mark Menold, who also hosts the event as the undead Professor Emcee Square. With thousands in attendance, this spectacle recreates the scenes from the original zombie film classics on a grand scale.

By virtue of the success of the movies from Pittsburgh pioneer filmaker George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow), and our now world famous zombie walks, Pittsburgh has become what Mr. Menold refers to as “The Zombie Capital of the World”.

Pittsburgh has owned the Guinness Book Record for most zombies three times but currently does not hold that record. The record was broken on July 2nd, 2011 by Seattle with 4,522 zombies. When asked if that number can be topped this year, Menold said; “Zombies are our own pop-culture bragging right and are a recognized as part of our city’s heritage. I liken this to another city trying to buy one of our sports teams. It’s important that we take the world record back from Seattle, it’s a matter of civic pride.”

This year’s Zombie Fest promises to bring the world record back to Pittsburgh where it belongs.

Attendees can take part in crowd participation activities like the “Zombie Olympics” (a hilarious slow motion sporting event) and the crowd will also be treated to a live taping of The It’s Alive Show to be broadcast as a telethon this Halloween on WBGN in Pittsburgh. The day will culminate in “The Walk of the Dead” when all the participants are led in a shambling parade around the city, all the while staying in character as groaning zombies.

Admission is free but please bring non-perishable food items for The Greater
Pittsburgh Food Bank.

Facebook Event Page

In the meantime, check out this quite impressive video of a zombie walk in Melbourne, Florida. Stay in character guys! It makes it all the more fun!


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