Look What I Found!

Sooo…I was going through the mail in the office like I do every workday. A lot of times customers send in their invoice along with their check. Well, on the back of the invoice was this:

It reads: “Finally the day was over. I went to get on the bus and I forgot which one it was so I go on bus 23. Then I remembered I was supposed to be on 12. As I was riding the wrong bus home I suddenly remembered everything.”

Really cool and interesting, right? But, what is it? I don’t get it! At first, I thought of PostSecret; that it was some sort of spin on the idea of writing random and anonymous secrets for strangers to find. I mean, it clearly sounds like a hook; the beginning of a story. But why is it typed on the back of an invoice? Was this meant to be seen? So many question…..no answers. Still cool though.



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