American Ghost Hunter Movie Trailer

From American Ghost Hunter: The Movie Website

Over the course of their working relationship, Buell and Calek had now become best friends, in which Calek, over time, eventually chose to confide in Buell about several then-secretive details surrounding his past, including the bizarre series of events that led to Calek’s family enduring a horrific battle with some of the most intense paranormal activity he had ever recorded… activity that began when Calek was 12 years old, after his family moved to a small town in Iowa that he believed to hold a dark secret.

Calek explained to Buell that he wanted to make a documentary about the events, where he would return to try to finally make sense of it all.

“I remember asking him why it was so important to him, because he started to talk about it more and more, and he said, ‘I’m a documentarian. It’s what I’m meant to do.  I truly feel I’m supposed to share this real story with the world,'” said Buell.


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