A Soul is a Soul

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading, learning and thinking about souls. Our physical bodies are not ours; they are only shells used for our time here and now. They make it easy for us to recognize each other. The face you look at in the mirror every single day, won’t always be “your” face. When we die, our souls leave our “shell” and hang out until it’s time to re-incarnate.

When we die, our souls then go to a higher spiritual plane of existence. Some call it Heaven, but it all depends on your religious views. Upon our arrival, we are reunited with all of the “people” that had meaning in our lives. Lives in the plural sense, because you not only meet again with those you knew in your most recent life, but in all of your lives. Your souls recognize each other through karmic connection.

Souls can sometimes stay in between lives for many reasons. A soul can be confused about its death and unable to let go of its last life. It has unresolved issues, and tends to hang around the people and places that were important to it in that life. A soul in this situation is what we most commonly refer to as a ghost.

Souls that are ghosts are actually stuck in the transition stage from life to life. They might not fully realize they’re dead, or even if they do; they care more about getting back to their “life” than they do about moving on. Only a small percentage of souls become ghosts, and it really depends on how traumatic their life or death was, and how well they approached the act of letting go once they did die.

Sometimes souls, if they aren’t ready to reincarnate, can be spiritual guides or guardians. They are able to watch over someone that is of interest to them, whether it be a family member or friend from a past life; or just someone their energy connects with. They are also able to have more than one of these people to watch over, going back and forth between them. Some are there for the duration, and some are only there to help guide through a specific time in someone’s life.

I just find all of this stuff to be amazingly interesting…and I enjoy sharing things I learn with others that are interested, as well. Which reminds me of something else I read: some people are believed to be spiritual immortals. That means that they have achieved a level of spirituality and awareness that allows them to direct their own reincarnations while keeping some of their memories and personality traits throughout all their lives. These people can remember their past lives and even time spent in between lives. I would LOVE to meet and talk with someone that has this capability, wouldn’t you?


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