Hamsa Bracelet!

I’ve been wanting a hamsa bracelet for awhile now, but was having trouble finding one I really liked the look of for the right price. Until today!

Here’s some excerpts from an article I found on eHow if you are interested in the hamsa:

The hamsa bracelet has its roots in a rich, multifaceted, Middle Eastern tradition. This ancient amulet purports to provide protection from evil intent, while bestowing positive energy, happiness and health upon the wearer.

The hamsa, also called the hamsa hand, is an amulet worn by people in ancient times for magical protection against evil. It was also hung on the walls of households throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It is usually shaped like a hand, with an eye design in the center of the palm. The Arabic word “hamsa” (and the Hebrew word “chamsah“) mean “five,” a reference to the number of fingers. The eye represents the “evil eye.” The hamsa is symbolically designed to mean that the five fingers can be used to blind anyone who aims evil intent at the wearer.

Although the hamsa is recognized as a Middle Eastern symbol—mainly associated with Arabs and Jews—its exact origins are unknown. Some theorize that it originated in ancient Phoenicia, where the people used it as a symbol of the goddess Tanit. Others suggest that it originated as a Hindu symbol of a god or goddess. There is also a suggestion that ancient Jews were probably the first to use the hamsa as a protective item.

Read more: Full Article  

I found one today that is perfect for me; from Dillards! It has amethyst, too, which is my birthstone! Obviously, it was meant for me to find!


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