Journeys Of Life

Tomorrow I am going to an awesome little store called Journeys of Life. This place has everything; sage, salts, crystals as well as other everyday items that make great gifts. Upstairs in the shop there’s a library of books for purchase, too. The last time my friend and I went, I swear we were there for hours. It’s definitely easy to lose track of time while checking everything out.

I’m not really in the market for anything particular, but I am a little bit curious about the books by Doreen Virtue. She’s written around 20 books on different subjects, mostly angels and communicating with them. Has anyone ever read her books, or have any opinions on her? From what I’ve read online, (like most people that gain famosity because of something supernatural or metaphysical) she has a lot of fans, but a lot of skeptics, too.

I was checking out her website and I did find a really awesome tidbit (found in the FAQ’s):

Q: When Doreen gives an angel reading, she asks whether the person is left or right-handed. Why does she need this information?

A: She uses this information to discern whether a person’s deceased loved one is from their mother’s side of the family, or from their father’s side. If you’re right-handed, your paternal (birth, step, or adoptive) deceased relatives stand near your right side, and your maternal (birth, step, or adoptive) deceased relatives stand near your left side. Deceased siblings and children stand near your left side, and deceased spouses stand behind you. If you’re left handed, the reverse is true.

Now, that is something different and really cool.


2 thoughts on “Journeys Of Life

  1. I miss spending hours lingering over mystical curiosities. Sadly, I moved into an area of the deep, Bible Belt, south where such places just do not exist.

    I’ve read and own quite a bit of Doreen Virtue’s books and I absolutely adore her cards. I have to say that my favorite book is The Lightworker’s Way – a great read that I would recommend to any beginner. I don’t agree with everything that Doreen Virtue writes or teaches but I have learned over the years to take what speaks to me and leave the rest.

    • Staci – I completely agree with taking what “speaks to you” and leaving the rest. That is sad that you live in an area where the mystifying is nowhere to be found; especially since a lot of areas don’t have many to begin with. At least there’s the Internet to help satisfy that thirst for knowledge though, right? 🙂

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