My Amityville Horror Film

The Amityville Horror House today

Image by Rafakoy via Flickr

I know some people are mesmerized by the whole Amityville story while others couldn’t care any less. But, I like to post interesting things about it when I come across them just because Amityville is the very thing that started my lifelong interest in the paranormal. Hoax or not, I don’t know that we’ll ever know; but the story has captivated our entire nation. Not many supernatural stories have done that.

So, I am extremely excited to announce a new film in the works. My Amityville Horror is a whole new view to the story coming from the oldest son, Daniel Lutz. Being only 10 at the time of his 28 day stay on Ocean Ave., he’s stayed away from the media and telling his story until now.

My Amityville Horror will include a personal look at Lutz’s own life; a first-hand account of the terrifying events that occurred to his entire family; his reflections on how his parents dealt with the exposure and the media-frenzy that befell them; and, how both experiences have affected his life since.

An independent team of investigators and filmmakers have joined together to present the first accurate portrayal of the Amityville events to date.  Both witness testimonies and rare archival footage will be presented to bring Daniel’s story to life.  This will include a chilling, real-life depiction of the Amityville haunting as it has never been presented before, incident by incident, following Daniel through his childhood and onward.

Five years ago, the Lutz’s other son, Christopher (who changed his last name to Quaratino to escape the public) came forward with a few comments regarding his old home.

From the original article at

Now 37 and living in Scottsdale, Ariz., Quaratino maintains the haunting was not a hoax. But he insists his stepfather at the time, George Lutz, brought the troubles on himself by dabbling in the occult and then amplified what paranormal incidents did occur to profit off books and movies about the house.

It’s a wonder that there hasn’t been more information found out about George Lutz’s involvement with the occult. Of course that is a very big clue (and red flag) for things to have happened to him and his family.

Watch the trailer for the film:


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