Coffey Talk With Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey is going to be here in Pittsburgh this Halloween! He’ll be at the Heinz History Center on Sunday, October 31st beginning at 7:30 pm.

The star of A&E’s hit series, “PSYCHIC KIDS: CHILDREN OF THE PARANORMAL” and “PARANORMAL STATE” will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride with his comedic wit and his ability to tug at your heartstrings during this over 2- hour spectacular event!

SHOW PART 1 —  Q & A.  Get to know more about Chip who will answer your questions.  Find out about the paranormal, your own abilities, the TV shows he has done and much more.

SHOW PART 2 — READINGS AND CONTACTS.  Following a short intermission, Chip returns to conduct both psychic readings and spirit contacts.  Although not all attendees receive a reading, thousands at previous shows have found the gallery readings ‘fulfilling’ and ‘uplifting’.  This part of the program ends at approximately 9:45 PM.

Click here to view more event details and get tickets!


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