Shadow People

WHAT do you think on the topic of shadow people? This is one of the most interesting topics in the paranormal, in my opinion. There are SOOO many theories on what they are, but no one really knows for sure.

What do you think they are? Some say demons, some say spirits of the dead, some say it’s entities from another plane…how do we figure it our for sure?

Others believe that it’s a spirit trying to manifest itself, but that’s as far as they get.

I think it’s very possible they could be entities from another plane, that we just happen to get glimpses of once in awhile. I just recently heard about that thought so I’ve added it to my memory vault. Previously, my only opinion on the matter was that they are spirits just passing through. I still think that might be the case in some situations, but not all of them.

This picture was used in “Children of the Grave” documentary by the Booth Brothers.

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