What Happened?

So, I have a couple odd happenings to report. Now, it’s not very often I myself have any, and that’s not even to say that this one is anything significant. Most likely, it’s not…but….oh well, kind of fun to tell you anyways!

This past Thursday I had a little spa pampering party. After everyone left, I hurried to take my contacts out since they were sort of irritating my eyes and my right eye had turned a little bit red. I did the usual, put them in their case with fresh solution and stuck it back in my cabinet.

Saturday evening I was getting ready to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner. I opened the cabinet and took the case out to put my contacts back in, and there was nothing in the case. Really, nothing. No leftover remnants of solution or anything! “Hmmm,” I thought, while I looked in the cabinet and pulled out the OTHER contact case I have incase they were in there. Nope. Again, nothing.

I STILL have NO idea what happened to these contacts. I clearly remember taking them out and putting them in their case. I always have them in the same spot, so I know I didn’t put them somewhere different and forget. And I know I didn’t throw them out because they were my last pair and I wouldn’t throw them out until I had new ones.

Anyone have any ideas?!?

Another little incident happened to my mom on Friday, too. After I told her about my contacts disappearing, she told me an odd thing. I go have lunch at my mom’s house every weekday usually, and the day in question I had been there. I did use the salt and pepper shakers from the table, but of course, I put them back in their rightful spot when I was finished.

Later that day, my mom was in the laundry room and was coming back through the kitchen to get to the living room. She immediately noticed the salt shaker was standing upright in a huuuuuuge pile of salt. ALL of the salt from the shaker, actually. She asked my Stepdad what the heck he did earlier that made such a mess. He said he hadn’t even touched the salt.

She knew that it couldn’t have been that way for very long, because she definitely would have noticed (my mom and I have the knack of noticing when anything is out of place). She picked up the shaker, the top of it was secure. Everything was in tact but yet there was a pile of all the salt with the shaker sitting upright…NOT knocked over in the middle of it all.

That’s it. Sorry it’s nothing too crazy but I thought I’d shake things up a little by sharing. (hehe.)


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