Ghost Boxes

What do you think about the talking box phenomena? If you haven’t heard about it, let me do a little explanation. Frank Sumption of Colorado supposedly was somewhat guided by entities on how to build a communication device to speak with the dead. Dubbed “Frank’s Box”, he has made fewer than three dozen of these little wonders.

Mr. Sumption says on his website:

“In 2000 I tried the old white noise method of obtaining EVP, and it worked! After a while of using this, listening to the recordings with the volume turned up load made my ears ring too much, so I started looking for other methods on the web. I quickly found EVPmaker. This program functions by taking a wave file of human speech, chopping it up, and playing it back randomly, while recording the results. It works extremely well. I did have one “problem”. I was getting messages relayed from spirits that seemingly could not use the computer method. I was wondering what else I could use in the summer of 2002, and the idea of the box, or a voltage tuned radio swept with a random voltage, popped into my mind, practically fully formed. I had used these voltage tunable radio modules removed form older digital car stereos as AM dx receivers or for listening to distant AM broadcast stations. For this reason, I think the box idea was just my own subconscious mind providing a solution to a problem. There is however a box component that was inspired by telepathic “guidance” from out side. That is the echo chamber, as I was instructed to use a box for the audio.”

The video above is a short clip from Angels & Ghosts demonstrating how these ghost boxes are used. Instead of getting completely technical, I thought this quick little video would help in understanding what these boxes do.


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