Graveyard Trouble

I got this story from the Observer Reporter. A reader sent it in for their Halloween Stories special, and I thought it was something perfect to share!

Original Link — Halloween in a Graveyard

Halloween was never the same after my night of walking.

I was an average teenager. One of my good friends was just able to drive. We wanted to have fun on the night of the dead. We heard of a party that was going to happen out in an open field, but the trick was you had to drive thru a graveyard roadway to get to the party. As a group of teenagers nothing could stop us from doing what we wanted to. We got into the truck and away we went.

It was a peaceful fall night as the three of us, in the cab of the truck, found our way to the graveyard. We got a good little ways into it when the truck went dead. It lost all power and the lights went out, nothing would work. There was no light, nothing just dark and all the sounds of the night. We had one flash light and it would not work. One person did smoke, it was the cool thing to do in those days, but even the mighty Zippo lighter would not light at all.

With fear starting to take over everyone’s thoughts, our idea at the time would be walk the rest of the way to the party. We started to walk and found out that maybe, walking in a graveyard at night without light was not a good idea. We wanted to stay on the grassy roadway but that was not the case for long. We found out that tripping over headstones and markers hurt in the dark. Wow, the night air was full of noise and the wind seemed to be laughing at us every time one of us would trip or fall down.

After the long trip across the graveyard, we found our way where the party was going to be and nothing was going on. There were no people and no party. It was just one big field and the night was cold. This was before the cell phone and there was no police, just cows, open fields, and that graveyard. We did not want to walk back thru that place again so we took a hard right turn and walked for a while thru the field. We came across another group of kids and found out that they had the same things happen to them and their car in the graveyard.

After two hours or so of walking we came to a farm and we got the farmer out of bed. We told him what happened that night and he told us to sleep it off in the barn. He thought we were drinking, though the true be told we did not have a drop. All seven of us just wanted to sleep. The next morning the farmer drove us to the graveyard, we would not let him drive into it. He walked in and drove both vehicles out to the side road with no problems. We thanked him and went home with a new respect of being in a graveyard on Halloween.


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