I Saw Paranormal Activity

I (obviously) was very excited about this movie, and even more excited when it’s demand to play in all theaters became fulfilled. Most of the reviews that I’d read all described the movie as terrifying. I was actually a little bit leery, even though I LOVE this stuff! But, I knew that I HAD to see it no matter what. It wasn’t until earlier yesterday afternoon that a friend told me a few of his friends said the movie was terrible. They were bored. “Nooo! It can’t be!” I wailed. I didn’t let it discourage me. Like I said, I HAD to see it no matter what.

I was disappointed. The only part worth seeing was the last 15-20 minutes. Let me make that even more clear: the last 15-20 minutes until the last 5 seconds of the movie.

Here’s some quotes from Rotten Tomatoes I thought were worth sharing:

“Does no one else see that the few genuinely creepy and original moments here are so few and far between that this would have been far more intriguing as a YouTube short…?” -MaryAnn Johanson

“Far more effective during its nighttime scenes.” -Sean O’Connell

“While a welcome respite from classic horror movie remakes and gory torture porn, I can’t cosign on the Paranormal Activity hype. Is this the scariest film ever made? Not in the least.” -Diva Velez

Though, I do have to add that there were some comedic parts to the movie, too. And on purpose (meaning that these comedic parts weren’t meant to be scary and instead came off as funny; they were truly bits to make you giggle). They lightened up any tension, and actually made the whole situation come off as being more real.

I did hear that at a local theater, a couple of people urinated themselves…and a couople of people vomited. Though there were a handful of genuinely creepy moments, that seems a little much. It’s more likely that those people just drank too much fountain pop, and ate too many chili cheese dogs.



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