The D.A.R. Mansion

This past Saturday, I spoke at a Daughters of the Revolution (D.A.R.) meeting for the Pittsburgh chapter. They were really excited to hear some spooky stories in the spirit of Halloween (no pun intended)!

One of the stories I shared with them, I’m about to share with you. It’s about the D.A.R. mansion aka The Warden Mansion in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County. Samuel Warden was the original owner of the mansion that was built in 1886, located on Church Street.

Anyways, some members of the D.A.R. (none of which were at this meeting) had experienced some paranormal phenomena. They assumed it was the spirit of Samuel’s wife, Margaret Warden. Yet, when they had a psychic come in, they were informed that the spirit’s name was Rebekah, and it was believed she used to be a housekeeper there. Most of the activity happens on the 3rd floor, which used to be the servant’s quarters. Rebekah is said to have been seen wearing a long Victorian dress. Members of the D.A.R. even made up a pamphlet about spirit. Rebekah does not cause any harm as she’s friendly and seen as a protector of the mansion.


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