Michael Jackson’s Ghost at his Ranch

Michael Jackson’s ghost spotted (8:20)

There’s been some speculation surrounding this video of the Neverland Ranch. First, I’d heard about the video on the radio, so I decided (of course) to check it out for myself. The first couple versions that I saw were the 51 second clips that all had added in some “scary movie” music towards the end.

Enough of that, I went on a search to find the real footage. From CNN’s website I went all over the place to find a video that did NOT have the terrible add-ins. I’d found shorter versions than the one I’ve posted here, too, but this one captures it all. Here, at 8:20, is the REAL footage with no music to overlap the sound, etc.

What do you think? Is this legit?

There’s also talk all over YouTube in the video’s comments section of viewers spotting some spiritual activity in other parts of the video, too. Do you see anything? I caught a couple things, but I think they’re actually real people, not spectres (boring!).


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