Western PA Paranormal Conference Event

The 1st ever Western PA Paranormal Conference held in Washington this past Saturday was a really good time.

For the time that I was there, there weren’t too many people, I’d guess around 20-some. But, this was the first one, so hopefully next year there will be a better turn-out. I’m sure more people would have come had they known about it.

Anyways, there were a bunch of speakers there. First up was John Sabol. He’s been on Paranormal State and has authored 8 books. A few of these titles are, “Ghost Excavator”, “Ghost Culture”, “Gettysburg Unearthed” and “Battlefield Hauntscape”.

I did not get to see all of the speakers, unfortunately, but another one that I did get to hear was that of Kurt McCoy. Kurt describes himself as a “monster hunter” and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on such things like the famed Mothman based in West Virginia.

I met Shawn Kelly, the founder of the Pittsburgh Paranormal Society, as well. I was disappointed that I had to leave the conference by the time he was speaking. He and Doreen Hill (also of PPS) were there, and it was great talking to them both.

There was a small investigation to be held in the same building as the conference, too (it used to be an armory). Wonder how that went? Anyone know?


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