Scare Asylum Event

You can hurry and sign up to go on an investigation of the Scare Asylum with special TV personalities including Chip Coffee from Paranormal State and Kris from Taps/GhostHunters.

The event is in September and it’s in Weston, West Virginia. You can sign up for just the overnight investigation OR you can sign up for a group reading with Chip Coffee along with the investigation.

Check out the website for all the details! Scare Asylum Investigation


2 thoughts on “Scare Asylum Event

  1. Important Notice Concerning on ScareAsylum

    Posted by Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    We were just notified by Odyssey Star Productions that the event known as “Scare Asylum” has been canceled. We are extremely disappointed that we couldn’t come to a workable agreement. However without the proper insurance, no production company can hold an event on our grounds. We aren’t going to get into the details but rest assured that we did try our hardest to accommodate their financial difficulties. With this in mind, we are offering everyone with proof that they purchased tickets to this event a FREE GHOST HUNT on the night they were schedule to attend “Scare Asylum”.

    Unfortunately we will not have any of the TV Stars but we will do our best to make sure that you enjoy your evening. Please understand that this does not clear any debt owed to you by Odyssey Star Productions. We are doing this free in an effort to support the Ghost Hunting Community. Our experienced ghost hunting staff will guide you through this massive building and provide you with, hopefully, a great memory instead of a horrible one.

    Please accept our apologies and this free ghost hunt.

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