Objects of Power

The other day I’d gotten a couple new followers on Twitter. One of their name’s was “Haunted Hill”. I clicked on their website, and it took me to an Ebay page with tons of “haunted” items.

I scrolled through and looked at some that caught my eye. There were ones that seemed positive, and some that were terrifyingly negative. Like a ring that comes with a vampire entity. Ummm…no thank you!

The positive ones were fun to look at and read. There were lots of “gypsy” rings that can help you with almost anything. They range from changing your eye color, to becoming famous, and to lose weight. Then, of course there was your rings to help with love issues; how to draw in your crush, make him love you forever and stuff like that.

There were also some “haunted” items on there for sale. I didn’t look too much into them, but I did see that one of them was auctioning for $42,000!!! Yikes! Most of the information on these pages had a little autobiography of the seller. They tell how they’ve come from a generation of witches, and things of that nature.

Here’s a link to an example of what I’m talking about: Haunted Items

With all of that being said, and after I looked at this stuff for awhile, I thought, “Really…I wonder if this is for real?” I’m open-minded and I’ve always been curious about these things, but I’ve never actually asked anyone what they thought. I never really had anyone that I’d be comfortable asking about this type of thing, until I was reseatching for my book. It was then that I met Tonya, the founder of the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society.

I emailed Tonya directly, because that’s what made me feel most comfortable. I wasn’t doing a poll or anything, I just wanted to know what someone else that I trust (and has paranormal knowledge) thought. The beginning of my email to Tonya said all of these things I just mentioned, along with a couple links. Here’s how some of our conversation went:

H: Is this stuff real? Or is some real, some not? Do you have anything like any of these items?

T: I took a look at the links… These, are great conversation pieces. However, they’re nothing more than dolls or rings. Whatever power you conjure from yourself (belief, faith, etc.) is what will go into anything. For instance, if you think that wearing your sapphire ring has brought you luck, your day will go better just because you had that preconceived notion- dragging up your own positivity within- and it WILL go better. But not because of the ring… But because by going to that all important job interview wearing that ring, you have instilled your own confidence, just by believing that it has given you luck. Am I making sense? In saying that, there are no demons in rings. No ghosts in dolls. 

Negative and positive energies? Maybe. Because the theory is that energy doesn’t die…

But do I think someone put a demon in a ring? Let’s put it this way.. If that person could conjure a demon- and therefore prove they exist- it’s doubtful they’d be selling rings… They would definitely be rolling in the dough with movie and book deals…

Now, if you clicked on the example link above, did you happen to notice at the bottom how it says not to bid if you’re a non-believer? Well, first of all, if you’re not a believer then why would you spend your money on such a thing that wouldn’t work? But, what’s interesting, is that they don’t want you to bid if you’re a non-believer because nothing really happens. It’s all psychological. If you DO believe, then whatever “enchantment” it’s supposed to bring will manifest in your mind.

So, I hope this helped anyone that was genuinely curious, as I was. I figured if I’ve been wondering about it for some time, then others probably were, too.

Leave me any comments you might have or email me if you have any additional thoughts. Have a great weekend!


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