Angel Ladies

If you’ve ever thought about having a meeting with the Angel Ladies, you should do it!
My encounter with Charlotte and Eileen came through a bout of luck.
A really nice woman that works with my mom was having her third get-to-gether with the ladies. She told my mom all about it, and my mom was very intrigued. She even once had a reading with Sylvia Browne…before there was so much controversy over her. So, the woman having the party told my mom that if someone cancelled, she would let her know so she could come.
My mom hoped someone would cancel, and sure enough, someone did. She was so excited, and I was excited for her. THEN, a few days later, there was another cancellation. My mom had asked to be let known if that happened and if it did, if she could bring me along.
So…Yay!!! We were both going to see the Angel Ladies.

The whole day of the event we were pretty nervous. I’d never been to anything like this, and wasn’t even totally sure if I wanted to know anything. But, it was a great opportunity, and my mom and I love talking about that kind of stuff, so it was also a bonding experience. The whole evening was really fun, and comfortable. When it was my turn, I went upstairs to the private room that was set up with Eileen and Charlotte. I was shaking the entire time, I was so nervous!

They knew about all kinds of stuff, including my grandparents. The ladies told me that they were there in the room, more prominently my grandmother. They both had come through for my mom, too. It was really cool. Oh! And they knew about the book! It was a little freaky when they said that if I think writing the book isn’t going to attract and cause any ghosts to come to me, I’d better think again! Ha!

I kind of figured that, honestly, but them saying it was a little weird to hear! They also told me about my two guardian angels. One of which helped guide me when writing the book.

After each woman came down from her reading, she’d share the experience with the rest of us. It was amazing to hear everyone’s stories. A few came down with tears streaming down their faces.
My mom’s meeting was amazing. My stepdad’s father even came through to her…she’d never gotten to meet him.

Charlotte and Eileen are both very sincere, and nice. They make you feel comfortable even though you’re in sort of an odd situation. I may have been shaking the whole time, but they made me feel peaceful.
Just thought I’d share a little about my experience with you all!


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