Kecksburg Crash Mystery

Sometimes I get angry thinking about all of the mysteries that are kept from us civilians. Whose decision is it, why do they get to make such a call? Aren’t we all human, and in this life together? Maybe if all of the facts were made available to us, we could all work together to solve these “mysteries”. One group of people may completely overlook some simple piece of knowledge that another group could bring to the table.

Those are some thoughts I have after reading a little bit about the Kecksburg UFO crash of 1965. Much like the Roswell case, this story is still unsolved and controversial after 43 years. What’s been described as looking like a fireball, soared intelligently through the skies and ultimately crashed into the woods in part of Westmoreland County.

A few witnesses raced to the site to check out what happened. What they saw has been described as a 12 foot golden colored, oddly shaped sphere that had what looked to be a pictorial language inscribed on it. John Murphy had heard of the incident while working at a radio station. A witness called in to the radio and told him of the crash. Murphy then called the police, who then alerted the military.

After the police arrived and looked everything over, many were surprised by their statement:

“The Pennsylvania State Police have made a thorough search of the woods. We are convinced that there is nothing whatsoever in the woods.”

What? But…huh?

When some officials were going back to check out some things again, they allowed Murphy to come. Though once at the site, they told Murphy he could not come any further. He stood and watched them close off the area, and ward off any onlookers. Later, witnesses said they saw the mysterious object being taken away on a flatbed truck all covered up so no one could see what was underneath.

From UFO Casebook:

The Air Force concluded their investigation with the “official” statement that a meteorite was responsible for the report of a glowing craft, and subsequent crash in the woods.

Some people let it go at that. Others still thought of it as a cover-up. But, nothing was said or done for years until the TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” became involved. In 1990 the show did a segment about the Kecksburg mystery. This airing caused a few more witnesses to come forward. One was a US Air Force officer who was told to look over the crashed object, and to shoot anyone that came to close to it. The other witness was a building contractor, who after sneaking a quick peek at the object was told that he’d just seen something that would be “common knowledge in 20 years”. (*Note* Those 20 years have long passed, and we still don’t know what he was talking about.)

Also from UFO Casebook:

One interesting footnote to this haunting tale came from the widow of John Murphy, who shortly after his death, publicly stated that her husband had been one of the first on the scene, and had actually photographed the strange craft. Supposedly, these valuable snapshots were confiscated by Military officers, and Murphy was instructed not to discuss what he knew, unless he wanted to suffer severe consequences.

In 2003, NASA released documents related to the crash mystery. Those too, can be found in .PDF format at the UFO Casebook website here.


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