Chartiers Creek

From Haunts and History:

FLAME SCALPS OF CHARTIERS CREEK (Chartiers, Washington County)

While Pittsburgh was still an gleam in the geographers’ eyes, a family settled by the mouth of Chartiers Creek. The husband and his brother went hunting one day, and when they returned, an Indian raid had reduced their cabin to ashes.  The bodies of the man’s wife and two children were buried in the embers.  They left a note, and went seeking revenge on the Indians, never to return.  People that settled in the area claimed to hear the cries of the family on stormy nights, intermingled with the war whoops of the Indians.  Orbs floating around the old homestead were often seen.  Some of the neighbors believe they’re the spirits of the mother and father, seeking one another and their children.  Others say that they’re the scalps of the slain  – and claim that after a sighting, blood red drops of moisture can be found on the flowers that were beneath them.  This legend was retold by Charles Skinner in his Myths and Legends of Our Times.

Hmmm…very strange! Anyone ever heard of this or experienced anything at this site?


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