No Words Spoken

My cousin just informed me today of a creepy story that happened to his buddy years ago.

He said his friend did work nearby a plane crash site near Aliquippa, PA. His work garage was about 100 ft. away from this crash site, set back. Well, he was inside the garage when he saw about 10 people walking towards him. Wondering what was going on and why these people were there, he went outside to meet them and ask. When he did, all of people began talking at once and pointing over towards the crash site. But, no words or sounds were coming from their mouths. A bit freaked out, it took a minute to register in the man’s head what was going on, and that these people were ghostly victims. They walked off, back in the direction of the crash site, only to disappear.

Turns out, this plane crash is the one that happened in September of 1994. U.S. Air Flight 427 crashed near Aliquippa, PA on it’s way to the Pittsburgh International Airport. But, what is really weird is how the whole crash is still a mystery.

From NOVA Online:

The crash of U.S. Air flight 427 near Aliquippa, Pennsylvania is one of the worst U.S. airline disasters still assigned to the unexplained category. All 132 people aboard (126 passengers and a crew of six) perished when the Boeing 737 mysteriously plunged to the ground while preparing to make a stop at Pittsburgh International Airport while en route from Chicago to West Palm Beach, Florida. A five-month study by the Federal Aviation Administration failed to reveal even a single clue to the cause of the disaster.

But, then again, maybe it’s not a total mystery…


When USAir Flight 427 began its approach to land at Pittsburgh, the Boeing 737 suddenly rolled to the left and plunged 5000 ft. to the ground, killing all 132 on board. The plane’s black box revealed that the rudder had abruptly moved to the full-left position, triggering the roll. But why? USAir blamed the plane. Boeing blamed the crew. It took nearly five years for the NTSB to conclude that a jammed valve in the rudder-control system had caused the rudder to reverse: As the pilots frantically pressed on the right rudder pedal, the rudder went left. As a result, Boeing spent $500 million to retrofit all 2800 of the world’s most popular jetliner. And, in response to conflicts between the airline and the victims’ families, Congress passed the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act, which transferred survivor services to the NTSB.

So, the reason for the plane crashing may or may not be a complete mystery. Either way, the victims are still confused and apparently wandering around the site.


One thought on “No Words Spoken

  1. This is scary yet so sad. Someone who specializes in this kind of thing needs to go there and help these people go to the light. They do not know what has happened to them and need assistance to be able to rest in peace. Great story. Keep them coming.

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